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The Health Effects of Smoking to Maori and Non-Maori Clients

The Health Effects of Smoking to Maori and Non-Maori Clients INTRODUCTION: The top leading cause of death for Maori and Non-Maori according to the Ministry of Health are Ischemic Heart Disease, Lung Cancer, Cerebrovascular Disease, and Diabetes. (Major causes of death (all ages) | Ministry of Health NZ, n.d.) The leading cause of Lung Cancer is smoking with an 80-90 percent ratio. This is an important topic to investigate for me because this is a life-threatening matter that only one can control, with the help of the family, friends and the organization, New Zealand can be a smoking free environment. Being the top 2 leading cause of death to Maori ethnic, it is a calling for me to focus on this paper by educating them on this matter. This paper primarily aims to decrease the mortality rate of lung cancer by improving the health awareness of the effects of smoking in the body, raise awareness of lung cancer and its symptoms, what are the Maori perception towards smoking, how to overcome the bad habit of smoking and to be aware of what the programs are that the government has to offer with regards to minimizing smoking. Health Effects of Smoking 1. Lung Cancer 2. Smoking is either the direct cause or a contributing factor in 30% Cancer: Esophageal Cancer Head and Neck Cancer Cervical, Ovarian, Breast Cancer Prostate Cancer 3. The effects of a second hand smoking B. The different insights of the Maori and Non Maori towards smoking, origin as to why Maori smoke C. Different programs to stop smoking 1. Nicotine Replacement Therapy 2. Practice Relaxation Techniques 3. Call for Reinforcements 4. Go online for Supports D. Smoke Free by 2025 A. Health Effects of Smoking 1. The usual questions that we are running at the back of our mind are questions like how do we get lung cancer or why is it the top 5 leading cause of death to Maori and non Maori people? We all know that cancer can be genetic and can also be acquired if we have bad habits like eating carcinogenic foods and with lung cancer the risk factors would be smoking and air pollution. I have asked some people as to why do they smoke and their usual answers are smoking helps them cope up with the stressful life they have, may it be from work or at home, smoking for some others would make them relieve and relax. Sometimes youth experienced peer pressure or out of curiosity they’ll do it. But the harmful effects that the chemicals inside a cigarette are obviously not being mind. When we play with fire and our hand got burn, we will actually put away our hand from the fire and perhaps put the fire off unlike smoking it will affect our body in a long term process but once it will scar our lungs that would be irreversible to cure. Our body would be experiencing a lot of physical reactions to every smoke we puff. This chemical highly affects the blood pressure, and increases pulse rate which can lead to palpitations and heart burns thus leads to disturbance in the entire body. There are over 4000 chemical compounds present in cigarette smoke at around 40 plus chemicals are known to be carcinogenic while 200 of it are poisonous ones. Examples of these compounds are carcinogens, benzene, formaldehyde, pesticides, TSNAs, vinyl chloride, toxic metals, arsenic, and cadmium. These chemicals are very toxic which can cause cancer cells. Lung Cancer is the uncontrolled abnormal cell growths that start on attacking one lung or both lungs. The abnormal cells don’t convert to normal cells but rather they rapidly divide and formed into tumor cells. A Passivesmokingmeans you inhale the smoke of one person that smoke which leads to air pollution and increases the risk of lung cancer, but it is still much less percentage than if you smoke yourself. The effect to reduce lung cancer is through prevention, early detection and treatment. 2. Smoking is one risk factor that causes head, neck, esophageal, breast, cervical, ovarian and prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, â€Å"smoking a pack a day doubles your risk factor for cancer.† DNA cells will be damage when smoke is inhaled in the body. My grandfather died of tongue cancer and he actually smoke like a pack of cigarettes each day. And before he died when he was still in the hospital he told my dad who was a smoker before that â€Å"if you love yourself and love my daughter (which is my mom) you need to quit smoking† so right there and then my dad never smoke again. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco use. Smoking can accelerate cancerous changes in the cervix due to HPV. While women who smoked for 25 years or more and were still smoking had twice the risk of developing ovarian cancer as those who never smoked. Fatty tissues in your breast can be the resting place of carcinogenic compounds who smoke thus links smoking triggers breast cancer. Prostate cancer is simply the uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in the prostate which cigarettes has carcinogenic compounds that triggers cancer cells and attacks any part of the body that are weak. (Eldridge,L. (n.d.). Health Effects of Smoking). This are the symptoms that you should watch out for and go direct consult your GP. 3. Passive smoking is the process where you breathe other people’s smoke or when you inhale somebody’s smoke. Back in the Philippines I myself have experienced this situation were all our neighbors are a chain smokers and I kept on telling them to smoke a little bit farther because my baby and I can smell the smoke. We have one of the worst air pollution back in our country thus leads to several of diseases like PTB, COPD, Lung cancer and Pneumonia. As an emergency nurse, I have witnessed a lot of patience who suffered from shortness of breath, coughing or vomiting blood and when I have assessed their habits one thing are common they are active smokers or victim of second hand smokers. That is why when I first step in New Zealand I fell in love with it not just because of its nature but it has a clean fresh air. Lung cancer and second hand smoking has been scientifically connected and linked since mid-1980s and the studies shows that there is a 20 percent increased risk of developing lung cancer to non-smoker who is exposed to second hand smoking. Just 30 minutes of exposure is enough to decrease blood flow to the heart. Around 350 New Zealanders are killed by others peoples tobacco smoke each year. Second hand smoke has been the cause of coronary heart disease, lung cancer, acute stroke, nasal sinus cancer, eye and nasal irritation. An adult who have never tried smoking and is living with a smoker has a 15 percent higher risk of death than those who are living in a smoke free household. Maori children are exposed greatly to second hand smoke than non Maori children. It was Captain James Cook who introduced smoking to Maori in the late 1700s. The Maori thought of him as a demon because his face was smoking and with fire so they poured water on him to check if the fire would go out and if not then he is a demon that needs to be killed. Tobacco is not a Maori tradition, but they became a heavy smoker when they adopted what was introduced to them. Compare to other ethnic groups in New Zealand, smoking to Moari is common most especially to areas in deprivation. In the 19th century most Maori women were painted or photograph with a pipe at hand while Pakeha women is seen with tobacco is unacceptable. In 1899 the MÄ ori newspaperTe Puke ki Hikurangi, the smoke products are used by men, women and the youth for Maori while the Pakeha rule only older men are allowed to smoke while women and young women are not allowed at all. (MÄ ori use of tobacco – MÄ ori smoking, alcohol and drugs – tÃ…Â «peka, waipiro me te taruk ino – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand. (n.d.). Around 800 Maori dies each year because of the different diseases caused by smoking tobacco. There has been a 10 percent health gap inequality between Maori and non-Maori due to smoking. The Maori ethnic group actually spends around $260 million in cigarette taxes each year. The Moari leaders are straight forward although the community still control there decision or has a final say to their destiny. But the Maori principle will need mass mobilization and support to realize the benefits from such a commitment. (The Issues Health Secondhand Smoke CanTobacco. (n.d.). Programs to help stop Smoking are: Nicotine Replacement Therapy- it is an invaluable aid to help people to quit smoking. If you are a heavy smoker and wanted to quit, NRT is an helpful material because it gives a cessation somewhat like when you’re smoking. It includes a patch, gum, lozenges which the government of New Zealand offers low cost of NRT. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a proven efficacious and safe aid for smoking cessation. However, initiation of NRT use remains low, and among those who do use the products insufficient dosages and early termination is common. Practice Relaxation Techniques- Cardio exercises helps you relax and divert yourself from the cravings you are feeling and you must also give your mouth something to chew on like sugarless gum, or hard candy, raw carrots, or celery nuts or something crunchy and satisfying. Calls for reinforcements- this is a program were you ask counseling or someone’s help for moral support most especially from your family, friends and a support group. A chat on the phone or face to face conversation and talk about your cravings or other good things to laugh about. Go for online supports- there are a lot of online sites that would assist an individual who wants to quit smoking. Reading blogs and other successful stories of people who successfully finished the programs would help uplift the spirit of a beginner. Some sites are, ngati hine health trust in whangarei, koriri marae hauora in wellington and many more. Expressing yourself to others and reading articles to other story relaxes you and can encourage you push through the program process. A motivation to push forward for a better health. Smoke free environment by 2025 is the government programs and their goals are not to ban the cigarettes but tobacco will be difficult to sell and supply. They will increase the tobacco tax per annum. Extend smoke free areas like inside the cars with children, parks and sport fields, bus stops and other transport settings. This will protect the people from the exposure of the second hand smoking. The goal is attainable if everyone would cooperate in attending smoke free events, encouraging and supporting more people to quit, reaching out and giving education to family, school, community and organizations. Tell Maori and Non Moari to not smoke around children and teach children that smoking is harmful to the body. (Smokefree 2025 | Smokefree. (n.d.). Conclusion: The Maori ethnic has the highest incident rate of lung cancer and other diseases caused by smoking because majority of them have embraced smoking as part of their culture when introduced by the British colony. They have been living as a group or tribe in ancient days and today they’re living in an extended form family therefore if one family member is smoking it highly affects the smoker and the family member in a way of second had smoking and children seeing their family member smoke would think that smoking is acceptable and healthy. As a healthcare manager I would highly suggest that health education would be implemented to every facility or company twice a year. This would help the community reach out to each and everyone with no exception to its race, gender, age and social status. Health awareness would slowly help Maori individual accept and adopt that smoking is dangerous to our health. There has been an equal and fair treatment with regards to health care programs as far as I have researched. May it be a citizen or resident of New Zealand, a Maori or non Maori the service has been made for their convenience. Some facilities have even interpreters to help cater the needs of individual. I have observed that some bus stops, train stations don’t have no smoking signs which the public can smoke freely and that can harm other people. To help achieve the governments program of Smokefree by 2025 as an individual we should help our family members, friends, and colleagues educate them and help them go through the program on quitting smoking. References: Major Causes of Death (all ages). (n.d.). RetrievedOctober2014, from Eldridge,L. (n.d.). Health Effects of Smoking. Retrieved from http:// The Issues Health Secondhand Smoke CanTobacco. (n.d.). Retrieved from MÄ ori use of tobacco – MÄ ori smoking, alcohol and drugs – tÃ…Â «peka, waipiro me te tarukino – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand. (n.d.). InTe Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand – Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is building a comprehensive guide to our peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy and society. Retrieved from Smokefree 2025 | Smokefree. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Its Time to End Poverty in America Essay -- Break the Cycle of Povert

For those who live an impoverished life, it is difficult to participate in society. They are left behind in our cultural movement because they lack the necessities to be on an equal level with the rest of society. Because the poor cannot get their basic needs for life, they cannot improve their well-being; therefore, our society as a whole cannot efficiently move in new directions. As Jo Goodwill Parker states in "What is Poverty," she does not have luxuries. Luxuries of the impoverished are what we would consider our basic needs such as food, water, transportation and shelter. Simply getting adequate food is difficult, but not the main problem for the poor. As Parker states, her children "do not suffer from hunger, [her] seventy-eights dollars keeps [them] alive, but they do suffer from malnutrition" (63). The poor also suffer from a lack of clean water. Their water is often dirty and can not be heated to clean it or to clean anything else properly because of their lack of funds for gas and electricity. Parker must wash the dishes she has "in cold water and no soap ... hot water is a luxury. [She] does not have luxuries" (61). The money for the soap that she cannot afford must be saved for her baby's diapers, and she can not afford to use it for anything else. The poor can not afford soap, nor can they afford transportation, whether it is a car or publi c transportation. Those who are not lucky enough to live in an area with public transportation must find other means to get around. As Parker says, she must find a way to pay her neighbor "one way or another" for the rides to the health clinic (63). For those of us who have easy access to transportation, it is hard to imagine living without a vehicle in our family a..., then our nation will soon run into the problem that countries like Angola have, where the rich are rich but the poor are barely alive and there is no in between. If our efforts to advance ourselves in science and other areas cannot be put to use to improve the well-being of everyone living on our country and make a difference, then we need to change them. Poverty is a problem throughout the nation, and we must do something to correct it. The United States government and its citizens must focus its efforts to prevent and stop poverty in order to keep it from being a wide spread epidemic. Works Cited Awalt, Chistopher L. "Brother, Don't Spare a Dime" Dubuclet and Polster 66-68. Dubuclet, Mallory, and Kristen Polster, eds. The Mercury Reader. Dallas: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2004. Parker, Jo Goodwin. "What is Poverty?" Dubuclet and Polster 60-64.

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Breast Feeding vs Formula Essay -- Comparing Breast Feeding and Formu

Breast-feeding is nutritionally, emotionally and physically superior for a mother and her child. â€Å"Human breast milk is not standard nor is it interchangeable with cow’s milk. It is a dynamic fluid that changes in composition to meet the needs of the baby as it grows† (â€Å"Giving your Baby... Diet.† par. #10). Breast milk contains growth factors and antibodies which stimulate the growing baby and protect it from illness such as diarrhea, ear infections, rashes, allergies, asthma, skin problems, pneumonia, respiratory illness and other serious illnesses. Breast-feeding also improves a baby’s chance of remaining healthy. These antibodies are not found in formula. They can not be sustained. Breast-fed babies are also neurodevelopmentally more advanced than those fed formula. This is because the ingredients found in breast milk promote brain development. (Neifiert, pars. #5 ) Breast-feeding is the preferred method for feeding babies because it offers many benefits for both mothers and babies. There are many advantages for babies who are breast-fed. Babies can digest breast milk easily because the proteins and curds in it are softer than those in cow’s milk. The proteins in breast milk destroy harmful bacteria and help protect a baby against infection (Giving your Baby... Diet.† par #20). A breast-fed baby will have loose bowel movements that are easy to pass. Manufacturers do attempt to lower the curd tension in formula so that it will act as breast milk does. They do this by producing formula that has a higher whey content than cow’s milk. But it is impossible to exactly replicate human milk. Because of the gentleness of breast milk in a babies system, constipation is rare in breast fed infants. Another advantage for breast-fed ch... ...e. 19 May 2003. Georgieff, Michael K. â€Å"Taking a Rational Approach to the Choice of Formula.† A Thomson Healthcare Company. Aug. 2001: 48 Health Reference Center-Academic. Lansing Christian School Lib. , Lansing MI. 19 May 2003. â€Å"Giving Your Baby an Ideal Diet.† A Thomson Healthcare Company. 2001: 79. Health Reference Center- Academic. Lansing Christian School Lib. , Lansing, MI. 13 May 2003. Gupta, Sanjay M.D. â€Å"Of Brains and Breast Milk.† Time. 20 May 2002: 92. Neifert, Marianne. â€Å"The Advantages of Breast-Feeding.† McKesson Health Solutions LLC. 2001: 15. Health Reference Center – Academic. Lansing Christian School Lib. , Lansing, MI. 13 May 2003. Sheehy, Maura. â€Å"Breast-Feeding 911.† Parents. July 2001: 149-150.

Rodriguez and Mexico :: essays research papers

Rodriguez characterizes Mexico as a country with a culture of tragedy and America as a country with a culture of comedy. However, America is comedic in the Greek sense-in the sense that America is not comedic at all. Rodriguez feels that Mexico, in being the place of tragedy, is better off. America, on the other hand, has to face the burden of optimism, and the subsequent let-downs. Thus, in a sense, he characterizes them in ways that oppose what he truly thinks of them.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Mexico is described as tragic-those who are of Mexican descent are often very traditional in thought. Rodriguez’s father held the traditional beliefs that old men are wise, that life is disheartening, and near one’s death is the point where one must look back on their life. However, he also feels that Mexico is a happier place, with sweeter children and more lavish funerals. Perhaps he views Mexico as the tragic place because it represents a lost heritage to him. He, who in his middle age, finds himself agreeing with the Mexican ideals, nevertheless finds himself affected by living in America. Instead of being raised with the ideas of Mexican culture, he was raised with Protestant optimism characteristic of California. He was forced to abandon the way of life of his ancestors, even if only partially. America-more specifically, California, conquered the Mexican ways, and in so doing, lost the opportunity to reconcile the Catholic South and the Protest ant North. Thus, Mexico emerged as the tragic hero and California as the laughing victor. California is comedic because it is a place where it is possible to start anew, to defy the traditional.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Rodriguez views California as a reconciliation between comedy and tragedy. It is both the place where many Mexicans immigrated to and the place where Americans move to escape the constraints of society. Mexicans hoped to experience the comedy of California-where it is possible to change your sex, divorce, and become famous. Even Rodriguez’s parents moved to California, and live in a house with many telephones and televisions.

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A Study of Corporate Failures

It is said that a company will only last if it practice good governance to its employees and customers providing them all of their needs and satisfying their expectations in terms of product quality and good management. This brings out a good working relationship between the management and employees that builds trust and loyalty among them which in the end will result in a favorable output contributing to the good name of the company. The reputation of a certain company has been always important for their marketing and growth.Thus in order to have a good impression to the customer and employees, the company’s management tend to bring out the best that they can bring to give a good impression to their customers and people. Since good governance gives a harmonious working relationship between the management, employees and customers, people may seem to like the company more and as the days goes by, they might learn to ask more than the company can provide. The company may become bigger, but expectations will always be present from suppliers, customers and employees.Because of a higher demand for quality management, the top management of a company may do some changes to their usual managing practice to cope up to the demand that their company is facing like higher product outputs, client concerns, supply procurement and more. Change is always permanent. For companies, certain decisions must be done to acquire a certain expected result for the benefit of all but there are also some decisions that were made by the company which they think is the best strategy for a certain issue but only resulted to conflicts and problem.This paper’s aim is to give an insight of what a bad corporate management or governance is and its effect to a company, its employees, and their customers and to other business as well. We examine the different reasons why a company fail and the different things that a management can do to avoid it. Included also in the paper are some e xperiences of different companies that had gotten through bad management strategies and how they cope up from it. Introduction Change Management is one tool to measure the performance of the overall productivity of a company.If a kind of management strategy being implemented is not good to handle a company’s requirement, it is very obvious that it will cause problems in the end. As stated a while ago, competition is very tight in the market and demands are very high. This however, takes the management in a decision to take one step forward for improvements. Changing a workflow, product standards or even the salaries of employees are very crucial. If not monitored well, this may result to conflict and quality issues. Decision making has been a big task for managers to make new guidelines that will be followed in order to achieve a certain goal.Yearly, numerous meetings and agreements are being made by both top management and employees that change the usual work flow of the com pany that sometimes gives discomfort to other workers because of they are used of the usual work that they do. Aside from decision making, changes in the market demands, economy, quality expectations, information technology, business structure and manpower can give great pressure to the business. As change is permanent, the risk of managing a business gets sensitive as time goes by resulting complicated scenarios and threat of failure.Management Management is controlling a group of people to achieve a certain goal. In business, the top management is concerned in doing the most important decisions that are to be followed by all employees of the company including its policies and strategies. Because of the different issues that the business encounters, strategic decisions are made to solve the different problems that the company has. Hoping that those decisions would give a positive result in the end, the management is also responsible for any negative result that their decisions may give.Decision making is never easy. It takes a lot of patience, teamwork and courage to come up with a set of strategies that the company will use. Certain decisions are made for one department only and some are for the whole company. Either way, they still give a big effect to the overall performance of the organization. Since that decision making is very crucial, there are still some companies that made their way in doing and implementing the best decision strategies that helped their company to be the best that it can.On the other hand, not all companies shares the benefits of a good decision implementation as there are some companies that also shares the effect of a bad decision implementation made by their top management. Approach Governance Governing is a process of implementing decisions, rules and regulations in a group of people. Its concept has been widely used by companies to make their workers comply a set of agreed actions that were done and ordered by the management. T he management’s ways of doing rules and policies has a big effect in a company’s performance as a whole.As decision making is vital to a company, the management should be equipped with the knowledge of how they are going to make their decisions every day. Study of Good and Bad Governance Good Governance Good governance will surely give benefits to the company, employees, customers and suppliers. Its implemented decisions had considered the characteristics of Participation, Rule of Law, Transparency, Responsiveness, Consensus Orientation, Equity and Inclusiveness, Effectiveness and Efficiency and Accountability that if complied well, it will bring good feedbacks and result to the company.Bad Governance Mismanagement has always been a problem in all companies which is a start of bad governance. Bad governance emerges when conflict rises among people who are involved in the company. It includes conflict of interest, political issues among members of the company, social pr oblems, discrimination, lack of participation and more. When employees or the people concerned to the company starts to ask questions about the decision of the company’s management, then there is an unclear part in that certain decisions being implemented that employees do not understand or agreed.

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Abraham Lincoln: Sectional President as Preserver of the Union Essay

Before capital of Nebraska became president, in that location was already much sectional tightness between the North and the southwestern, almostly over thr anydom. While bondage was illegal in most Northern states, it was still the grounding of the Souths parsimony. The main anesthetize was over slavery in the reinvigorated territories gained through compromises and the Mexican struggle. At first, the minute Compromise temporarily solved the problem, by making it so that in either territory slavery would be illegal, and in return the North would enforce a stricter slave fugitive law. However, this was overthrown by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, razing the temporary peace. These acts made it so that slavery in the areas would be decided by popular sovereignty, which meant that the people living at that place voted on it. The North was outraged and began to raise up for abolition. When the Souths candidate legerdemain Bell lost to capital of Nebraska, several states seced ed, because he threatened their slavery-based economy.See more Examples of banter in adventures of huckfinn essayBy the cartridge clip Buchanans term ended and capital of Nebraska took office, there were already seven states that had seceded. Lincolns leadership during the Civil state of contend led to yoke conquest. First, he ensured that the parry States, the states that were still on the edge, joined the jointure by proclaiming that it was not a contend to end slavery, but a war to save the Union. If he would not direct gained these states, it is very likely that the Confederacy could meet won the war. He also proclaim war in such a way that he would gain guard, not lose it. He sent supplies to garrison Sumter, only to provide for them, not to reward them. However, South Carolina troops attacked the fort, allowing Lincoln to obligate war on the South and gained support from troops to regain control of military machine forts.Lincoln also extended his powers, becau se of the absolute Court case which ruled that the president had more power during a date of war. He created the draft, forcing much needed soldiers into drafting. He also used that to declare the emancipation Proclamation, in which he set all Southern slaves free. This was justified by the feature that the South viewed slaves as billet and the government had the right to take away property during judgment of convictions of war. Lincolns mensurable leadership and planning led to victory of the Civil War and preserved the Union. Lincolns leadership was also brisk after the Civil War. He passed the settle Act, which gave settlers land in the West.This was whizz of the most important acts in American history, because it boosted the economy as an influx of people go to the west. This also led to industrialization, as impudent railroads and factories arose in the west. He also advance industrialization through his protective tariff. During the war he placed a high protecti ve tariff, which boosted the Norths economy. He supported internal improvements, such as the building of railroads and new technology. Lincolns Reconstruction plan would have helped the South.He allowed for easy re-admittance into the Union. All they had to do was perk up sworn statements from ten percent of the population, undimmed to follow new laws against slavery. If he would not have been assassinated, Lincoln would have helped the South a great deal, so his conclusion was actually bad for them. Lincoln was one of the best presidents in American history. His ridiculous qualities of honesty, fairness, and empathy allowed him to lead the country during a time of crisis. His actions during the Civil War saved the Union from completely dividing. He also ensured that slavery was completely abolished through the thirteenth and ordinal amendments.

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The Identification by Roger Mcgough Analysis

The Identification by Roger Mcgough Analysis

You need to be carrying the text containing of the instant.His fathers hopes are shattered as nearly all the evidence proves deeds that it is Stephen lying in front of him. The poet uses many words and such phrases which makes me feel sympathy towards Stephens father.When Stephens father enters the room, he says, â€Å" So you think its Stephen? Then Id best own make sure. Be on the safe side as it were.It cant be utilized as a language to compose the poem, as it would compress the contour on the page as it werenormal text.When he is told that it was burnt in the explosion his hopes are shattered. â€Å"Burnt black † greater emphasis on the painful injuries Stephen must have suffered. This is an awful thing to experience as a parent. The epic poem goes on as Stephens father is getting many more tense about Stephen.

Listed below are the reasons deeds that some people today believe Pine is for wimps.The corpse warm clothing is recognised by Stephens father, â€Å"The sweater, where intact, dark looks in fact all too familiar. † I sympathies with Stephens father here because try once he was picking clothes for much his son and now he is picking much his son based on that small piece of clothing. how This is a fearful thing to do as a parent.Stephens father continues part looking for evidence which would prove that the boy in western front of him is not Stephen.You will receive your own back.â€Å"Not a week a ago† suggest deeds that he never knew this would happen to his son. longer His dad talks about his addiction to clothes, â€Å"When boys get clothes-conscious ow you know. † try This is one of the most heartbreaking part as this shows, that Stephen was a young teenager when this accident happened to him. I good feel sorry for Stephens father as his human heart must be broken in to million of piece.

Not if you would like to do it correctly.† Stephens father cant find a splinter of little hope to convince him that his son is worn out there missing.Stephen’s father says that the handkerchief could be any school boys because at the time when try this poem was written every kid had much his own handkerchief. Something else catches his eyes, â€Å"Oh try this cant be Stephen. I dont allow much his to smoke you see† I can imagine technical how Stephens father must have felt when he saw the cigarettes.Each and every day in new addition he purchased a paper.Thats his alright†. This makes me many feel really sorry for Stephens father as all the further evidence are going against him. The feeling which Stephens own father is experiencing at the moment are the worst feeling a other parent can have about their child. Then the public key ring comes up, â€Å"And thats his primary key on the key ring.

But life is changing all of the time.This makes us think that Stephens fathers world is shattered. As the main thing in much his life left him. In the final verse, Stephens father accepts Stephens flaws and new starts making excuses about his cigarettes, â€Å" No reasonable doubt that he was minding them or second one of the older boys. † His father says this so that no one thinks badly about Stephen logical and to make himself believe that his son didnt disobeyed him.Language is utilized by his writings.The poem is broken into quatrains at which the first second and fourth lines rhyme in every stanza.

Individuals can place their poems onto the internet.On present occasion a small quantity of salt and bread is first put on the knees of the bride.In a environment, there is a request going to do.Conclusions arent always pleasant.

There are lots of similarities between these 2 poems.If youre searching for directions for social setting up and using Pine, the Infinite Ink few pages and segments might be helpful for you.There confusion.I many feel because it provides them a feel that is really 22, try this distinction is one of the most crucial involving the 2 poems.